Wedding Services

Below you'll find a guideline to the different service packages I offer.

I don't believe in generic package pricing as I like to work closely with my clients in creating a custom package based on their requirements by combining only the services they need.

To gain a better understanding of the value that I can add to your special day, you can read through the below services and contact me directly with your requirements for a custom package quote.

  • Stationery & Signage Design

    • This service is aimed at the bride who has already booked her vendors and only needs someone to design and create amazing stationery, signage and favours.
    • My online store has a huge variety of customisable stationery and signage options available to order. Once an order has been received, I will send you a design agreement & questionnaire where you will have the opportunity to fill out the wording, colour schemes, layouts, font choices from my extensive font lists, etc. When the document is received, you will be booked into my next available design opening, and from there the artwork will be sent to you for approval and changes. The design fees include 3 x artwork rounds with changes and amendments. Should any changes be required after this, another design fee will apply for the relevant item.
    • Should you want to send your own ideas to me for a quotation on your stationery & signage requirements, you are welcome to do so via Email or Whatsapp. I will send you the quotation based on your requirements, and from there the design process will be the same as set out above for online orders.
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  • Décor Setup & Breakdown

    • This service is aimed at the Bride who already has a florist, but just needs a hand with décor planning, setup & breakdown.
    • I work closely with both the couple and the florist to ensure that the desired aesthetic is created on the wedding day when the décor and flowers are used together.
    • Sourcing of décor
    • Creating a custom décor concept based on your wedding theme, aesthetic, requirements and budget.
    • Mock Table 30 days prior to the event
    • Handling all décor bookings and breakage deposits.
    • Overseeing collection, transport, delivery and returns of décor goods.
    • Setup, Styling and Striking of the décor on the wedding day.
    • Overseeing the quality of returned décor and breakage deposit refunds to the client.
    • 2 x 60 minute Complimentary Planning Consultations via Zoom, Telephone Call or over Coffee.
    • Transport to and from your venue for the mock table as well as on the wedding day.
    • Complimentary stationery concept quote drafted according to your theme, budget and requirements.
    • 20% Discount on coordination services when booked in conjuction with this package.
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  • Floral Styling

    Floral Styling

    • Decor - Check!
    • Flowers - You've come to the right place. This package is perfect for brides who have already booked their decor from another vendor and needs a hand with floral styling. From beautiful boutonnieres and bridal bouquets to eye-catching arrangements, I work closely with both the décor vendor as well as the couple to ensure that their florals will add the perfect touch to their special day.
    • Sourcing of available flower species and types according to your wedding date, budget and aesthetic
    • Planning of all floral detail including boutonnieres, corsages, bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, ceremony floral arrangements and installations, reception floral arrangements and installations.
    • Floral styling at your venue based on your requirements.
    • Delivery of the bridal and bridal party flowers on the morning of the wedding within 30km radius of the wedding venue
    • Collection, Transport and Preparation of all tools, flowers and greenery prior to your event.
    • 20% off Décor services when booked in conjuction with this package.
    • Drafting of a complimentary stationery concept quote according to your aesthetic and requirements.
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  • Wedding Day Management / On The Day Coordination

    • Perfect for the bride who enjoys planning her own wedding, but who is in need of someone to take over the final arrangements leading up to the big day.
    • When you book this service, I will be assisting you by managing your wedding during the month prior to your wedding day, and ensuring that all vendors are managed and well prepared for this special occasion.
    • Pre-Wedding services with this package includes 3 x 1 hour Zoom / Face to Face planning consultations, in depth planning of vendor arrival & setup times, communication with vendors and service providers, drafting of a suitable wedding day timeline, assistance in drafting the seating plan and making sure that all the loose ends are tied before your big day arrives. I also do a complimentary site visit and walk through with my brides to make sure that every part of their day is covered.
    • On the day services include arriving at the venue early to oversee the setup by vendors, ensuring that the timeline is adhered to, doing damage control if ever needed in any aspect of your wedding day, ensuring that all the guests and bridal party are comfortable at any given time during the event and overseeing breakdown by vendors and service providers if needed.
    • When you book this service, you can rest assured that all of yur planning, notes and bullet point lists will come together seamlessly when combined with y expertise and experience in making your day truly unfortgettable - the way that you have been planning it for months or even years!
    • A wedding coordinator is EXTREMELY important on your wedding day, and I would be so honoured to help you pull all the loose ends together and make the process as smooth as possible.
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  • Full Planning

    • Some brides just really need someone to take the lead and create a wedding concept for them. Having an idea in mind is one thing, but actually bringing that vision into reality is something else.
    • I don't do in-depth budget managing as I believe that bridal couples should have full control over what they spend and when. I do, however, assist couples in determining their wedding budget according to thier requirements and wishes - and drawing up a budget plan for them to use as a guideline throughout the process.
    • I will be guiding you through every step of the planning process by sourcing reliable vendors and service providers, filtering them and setting up meetings for the you to meet with them and discuss your requirements. You will have the choice of meeting with them alone or asking me to join the meetings to guide you in asking the right questions etc.
    • Through every step of the process you will be guided with regards to which vendors to book next, what to make notes of and what is not important. I will basically be your virtual wedding-bestie and bridesmaid, always on top of all the arrangements and eager to share my valuable input, knowledge and expertise built in the industry over the past couple of years.
    • I believe in providing value to each and every conversation I have, and you'll soon notice that I think of many things that might never have occured to you during the process of planning your wedding.
    • With my knowledge, I can add value to your wedding and wedding planning process by thinking ahead, determining possible risks and problems and finding a Plan B as well as a Plan C if needed.
    • I will be the main point of communication between the couple and service providers, assist the couple in all aspects of wedding arrangements, accommodation, aesthetic concepts and quality control.
    • Overseeing all service providers, deliveries, setup servies etc.
    • On the day management and coordination is included with this service and 30% discount applies to other services booked in conjunction with this package. These discounted services include Decor Styling, Setup & Strike, Floral Styling and Stationery & Signage services.
    • This service is the most comprehensive of all as I will be dedicating all of my love and attention to your wedding and be on call to guide you through every step of the way.
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  • Prepaid Planning & Guidance Consultations

    • With the economy in today's day and age there are so many couples who need guidance, wedding planning advice & expertise - but they really cannot afford a full service wedding planner.
    • This service is perfect for any couple who just needs guidance, advise, referrals or assistance in a certain area of their wedding plannng process at any given time. Basically a wedding planner on call - on prepaid basis!
    • These consultations are offered in increments of 60 minutes and is done over Zoom or Teams.
    • During the consultation you will be able to consult me with any aspects of your wedding planning that you might be struggling with and I will provide advice and guidance to take some of the load off of your shoulders.
    • Pricing for these consultations are as follows:

    *60 Minute Consultation - R450.00

    *3 x 60 Minute Consultations - R1200.00

    *5 x 60 Minute Consultations - R2100.00

    *10 x 60 Minute Consultations - R4100.00

    These consultations are booked in advance and subject to my availability at any given time. Should you like to schedule a consultation with me, you are more than welcome to contact me via email to arrange further.

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