Setting A Date For Your Wedding

Setting A Date For Your Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement!

Few moments in life will be as thrilling as this. You've been with your partner through the lemons that life gives you, and now it's time to fully commit to each other by joining your hands in marriage.
Once the selfies are done, the champagne has been popped and your social media has been updated, the anxiety and overwhelming feeling kicks in. Your thoughts may be rushing at 100km per hour, trying to figure out any and all of the following all at once:
When will we get married? How will we get married? Where will we get married? What will my dress look like? The list goes on and on.
Today I'm here to put things into perspective and to guide you through the very first step of wedding planning. 



You cannot start planning ANYTHING until your date has been decided on.

From venues to stationery, you will have to know the date of your wedding for proper, detailed quotations.

This could be a very easy task for some couples and a very daunting one for others. My advice is to filter through the following when choosing your date:


1. Which days and months are definitely NOT an option for us and why?

I always suggest the process of elimination. Make a list of the dates that are influenced by the following:


- periods of time during the year that your line of work is very busy

- weddings, anniversaries and planned engagements of family and close friends

- birthdays of closest family and friends


These dates are a definite no-go and should be eliminated.


2. Out of all the months that are an option, is there a specific season that we prefer and why? 

Now that you have eliminated some months/dates, think about the months that are left. Are there any months that you would prefer to others? 

Influencing factors can include but is not limited to the following:


- When is your anniversary and would you like to get married around the same time?

-  What kind of weather is our favourite? 

- Would we like an outdoor or indoor ceremony/reception?

- Are there any guests who are important to us who might not be able to make it to our wedding during a specific month or period? If so, would this influence our decision?

- Looking ahead at future anniversaries, how financially stable would we like to be during those times? Are there particular months, dates or periods that we would prefer to be celebrating our anniversary?

- Are we willing to be flexible with our date in the event of our chosen venue or photographer not having availability on the preferred date?


By this time, you would have eliminated quite a few dates and periods of time and hopefully the options are much more limited now. Deciding on a date has never been this easy!

3. Budgeting

How long would we have to save for our wedding?  Do we want to be engaged for 1-2 years and have enough time to plan a big wedding - or are we fine with eloping or having an intimate celebration in a couple of months from now?

Are we willing to pay wedding season fees, or do we want to save some money by making use of Winter Wedding Packages? If so, would we hate it if it rained on our wedding day?


After discussing all of these questions with each other - you and your brand new fiancé is guaranteed to find a date that works for you. It is always a good idea to have a second date in mind, just in case the venue or photographer is not available on the preferred date as some of these vendors are booked out way in advance.


Now that you have your date set (hopefully), you can sleep peacefully with the first step of wedding planning has been completed!

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Yours In Wedding Planning,

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